Embedding Social Impact

Founded by Yavnika Khanna, we’ve built up a team of passionate and thoughtful storytellers who put immense amounts of effort into producing great results for our clients.

Based in the Seattle area, we provide strategic guidance and execution capabilities to organizations committed to social good. We are 100% owned and operated by women. 

We pledge 80 hours of pro-bono consulting each year to social enterprise enterprises who cannot afford any marketing consulting fees.


"Digital Marketing can be all-consuming. We are here to lighten the load off your shoulders so you can focus on doing good"


- Yavnika Khanna, Chief Impact Officer, Impactika Consulting LLC

We are a group of honest and positive professionals whose first priority is always the interests of our clients; providing capability, adaptability, and creativity.

Our Mission and Vision

 Our vision inspires us. Our values ground us. Our mission motivates us. 

Our Vision: 

Help our clients to "be good", "do good" AND "be successful" in their social mission. 

To apply strategy, innovation, and technical knowledge to help our clients' social purpose

We believe that the status quo can be challenged by serving clients long-term, being a partner to their progress, being courageous & truthful and always adhering to the best business and ethical practices. 


Our Mission: 

To provide independent advice & high- quality digital marketing support to our clients that will help their organizations grow their social impact footprint. We supply strategic thinking to fuel your mission and its on-ground implementation.



Let us know how we can help do-gooders like you do better!

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