The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented human tragedy.

As it intensifies, there is set to be a sustained impact on society and economy. 

We have put together a list of resources that may be useful for the social impact community.

Let us build and share these resources list so the community can benefit and continue to provide social impact. 

- Last updated on 25 Nov 2020 

Useful Tools and Resources
5 Tips for Sustaining Your Impact during COVID-19  

Should you shut doors or increase efforts at this time?

The health, survival and safety of your people comes first. Organizations are made of real people with real needs.


Assess if your financial resources can survive the uncertain times of COVID-19 (Non-Profit Quarterly; Check your Finances )

Here is a great risk assessment resource developed by Ricardo Vargas, a Project management expert. 

Communicate with your customers, funding agencies, board members and/or donors. It is the time to be transparent about your decision-making: have you decided to remain open for business? Adjusted hours or services? Made the tough decision to cancel events? Or temporarily close the doors? Be empathetic. More tips here.

What can you provide in these tough times? Survival is important, but also think of what can you contribute in these times to your immediate community or your donor bases/ customers?  Is it time to give back to your donors for all they have done?  Your community needs you. How do you rise up to the times when the community needs you? 

Assess your long-term impacts on financial situation. No one knows how long this situation will last. Ensuring sustainability of your staff. Prepare to setup up for future success. Thinking one week at a time may be the most important things you may be doing during this time.

Take care of yourselves. As we all practice social distancing to benefit physical health, there are real impacts on your mental health.  Seek help, because we are all in this together. Tune in to credible news sources like the WHO and the CDC

Reduce fear and report stigma, if you face it.  These stressful times can bring the worst in people and communities. King County has an excellent compilation of how you can reduce stigma in your organization or community. 

How can we help?

Please share this list. If you find any useful resources for small businesses, non- profits that generate social- impact, please let us know. 

Let's put the social impact on the top of our collective list. 

We are there for you, specifically use our intellectual resources to write grants, conduct and manage virtual events or manage digital communications at no charge during this period. 

Stay healthy and safe.