Changemakers need partners not just agencies


Digital engagement is changing. Especially in socially- impactful organizations. How can we tell authentic stories of change with impact? 

We are Impactika. With 15 years of global experience in consulting, strategic communications and social change, we are here to deliver real digital impact with you.

We are digital marketing specialists. We support non-profits, purpose-driven businesses, and organizations owned by members of under-represented communities. 

Are you ready to move beyond annual reports?

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How Can We Help You?


Show Your Impact


Manage your digital projects


Design a Digital Strategy


Going Digital

Successful organizations recognize that their audiences are not only in the "brick and mortar" world.

How, when and where you reach them in the digital world is equally important. 


Sustaining  Digital

Do you find it difficult to keep up with the digital world?

Impactful organizations are communicating simply and consistently to their most important audiences. 


Growing Digital

So you have a website, an Instagram profile but do not know what next? Your organization is doing great work on the ground, has a great presence built but where to next?

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